Moralax by Edit A Go-Go Productions

Created By: Ben Slatkin & Heather Girardi


Trouble getting through your workday? We have just what you need. And it might explain the situation our country is in too. Pharmaceutical commercial parody for a product that frees users from the binds of traditional morality. Ask your doctor for a prescription today! Official Selections of The Hollywood Comedy Shorts Festival and Holly Shorts monthly screenings. Featured online in the Huffington Post, Daily Kos, and  7,000 views worldwide and still counting!

Mood Reel by Jess Siqueiros

Naive rookie detective tangles with a rowdy drunken nun (Comedy)

Down and out bar owner reunites with her old flame (Drama)

Nervous but determined passenger conquers her fear of flying (Comedy)

Girl realizes she may be marrying the wrong guy (Rom-com)

© 2018 by Megan MacKenzie Lawrence

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