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A few years ago, my co-creative and I were teaching drama at a pre-school summer camp.  We noticed a shift in behavior - a sense of entitlement and disrespect in our students - that made us not want to teach anymore.  We decided to do something about it.


It was there that zany British sisters, Eddy & Kit Mannerhausen were born.  We started with a simple tea party to teach "the magic words" (please, thank you and you're welcome). When we saw that it was catching on, we began expanding it into an entire universe that focused on helping kids learn healthy social skills. The Mannerhausens teach kids to connect through manners, kindness and respect for others in a super fun way. 


We've performed our original live musical show, "OH BEHAVE!! with The Mannerhausens" for families all over and recently headlined the National Comedy Center's Lucille Ball Comedy Festival.  Now we're bringing "Oh, Behave!! with The Mannerhausens" to you on our YouTube channel. Season 1 of our webseries is currently in preproduction slated for filming in 2022! For more songs, videos and Mannerhausen fun, check out our full site:

The Magic Words (Please & Thank You)Eddy & Kit Mannerhausen
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